What Is New Conservatism?

“What if the term ‘conservative’ made you proud? What if you could wear it on your sleeve? What if you didn’t feel the need to apologize for it, or explain what you mean by it? What if it made you smile and not cringe? That’s new conservatism. That’s what we’re working for in the New Conservative Movement.“

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Brad Hoganson
Why I Criticize Donald Trump

“But there comes a point somewhere on that scale where finding the good in everyone
becomes less important than standing up for those who are persecuted. I would suggest
that such a point comes when the powerful use their strength to persecute those weaker
than themselves, especially when that oppression is both frequent and applauded. At that point, I believe a line has been drawn in the sand, and we must stand with one or the
other—the powerful, or the oppressed.”

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Bryson Alley
Disagreeing and Staying Friends

“Over the years since 1968, I have developed strong friendships with liberal colleagues and a few old-fashioned southerners who now support the GOP. And I am speaking to most of my relatives who do not agree with me politically. This has been possible partly because we respect each other, not just as equal human beings, but also because we trust each other and because we have shared values: caring for our families; wanting to raise children to be good people; wanting to provide opportunity through education and especially college education; wanting our town to be safe and prosperous; loving animals and nature; enjoying music, movies, and books.”

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Anna Holloway Comment
The Mid-terms: An NCM Review

“Two years ago, Evan McMullin stood up to run for president to give principled conservatives a choice. He called for a New Conservative Movement that would be everything the Republican Party had failed to be: inclusive, true to itself, forward-looking. Conservatives across the country caught the vision, and the movement began from the grassroots. This website, built by NCM volunteers, is a great example of the movement’s efforts.

As we reflect on Tuesday’s election, how did it affect our movement? I’ll talk about what I see as some of the good and the bad.”

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Brad HogansonComment
Assuming the Worst

“Is it any surprise that in the last many years in Congress we’ve seen so many party-line votes and government shutdowns and divisive hearings? If I believe my opponent is dirty or evil, what incentive do I have to compromise with him or her? If I believe my opponent is a liar, why would I want to listen to her side of the story? If I believe my opponent is stupid, why would I care about his opinion?”

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Brad HogansonComment
Values That Can Move Us Forward

“Finally, armed with faith, hope, and love, we have the ability to forgive those who've wronged us, directly or indirectly. With that forgiveness, we can then build trust in one another. Forces that go to battle rely heavily on trust—having each other's back, which is so vital to mission success. Likewise, for us to have a shot at solving societal problems, we must have each other's back. So faith, hope, love, forgiveness, and trust then naturally lead to the ability to favor reason over emotion, and may be our only hope at saving the soul of our great nation.” 

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Joe DiGiovanniComment
America Needs Immigrants

“That’s why we need a New Conservative Movement. It’s time we elect leaders who promote sensible immigration reform. It’s time we provide legal avenues to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who have peacefully contributed to our country for years, while prioritizing the removal of those who actually pose a threat. It’s time we send a message of inclusion to model citizens like David, who immigrate legally and exemplify American values.

It’s time for a New Conservative Movement.”

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Patrick HardyComment
Anything Is Better Than Nothing

“The best part about being a part of this movement? Empowerment. We don’t have to feel helpless or despondent over the current political climate. We can do something. We are doing something here in the Phoenix Valley.

I no longer feel powerless behind a computer screen. Now when people tell me they feel hopeless about politics, I tell them to get involved and do something--anything. I’m confident in doing they’ll be empowered too, even if they feel inadequate.“

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Christie BlackComment
After 2017, Why Are You Still a Republican?

“I believe it is time for a New Conservative Movement. We don’t need a Grand Old Party that reminisces on its past successes and heroes, or repeats mantras it doesn’t live by. We need a New Conservative Movement that is alive, relevant, and on the move, ready to challenge power and conventional wisdom, to welcome the many disaffected Republicans, and to communicate conservative ideals to the younger generations it has left behind. That movement is already taking shape: grassroots New Conservative Movement clubs have been organized around the country, working for a better conservatism in their communities. As an organizer of this movement, I welcome you to join us.”

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