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I'm Glad I Got Booed at CPAC

"I spoke to a hostile audience for the sake of every person who has watched this spectacle of mendacity in disbelief and misery for the past two years. Just hearing the words you know are true can serve as ballast, steadying your mind when so much seems unreal. For traditional conservatives, the past two years have felt like a Twilight Zone episode. Politicians, activists and intellectuals have succumbed with numbing regularity, betraying every principle they once claimed to uphold. But there remains a vigorous remnant of dissenters. I hear from them. There were even some at CPAC."

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How the Right Lost Its Mind and Embraced Donald Trump

“A movement once driven by ideas during the Reagan era—back before the advent of Rush Limbaugh or Fox News—now found itself dominated by Kardashian-like hosts, intellectually dishonest shills, cynical careerists and alt-right bullies. Recent debates among conservatives, one commentator on Twitter quipped, ‘show[ed] the nuanced differences between a YouTube comments section and a chain email to your grandfather.’”

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Evan McMullin's War

“Meanwhile, McMullin’s grassroots supporters have established what they call New Conservative Movement clubs in more than a dozen cities. They meet in small groups to assemble hygiene kits for homeless shelters, or organize ‘nonpartisan rallies for the Constitution.’”

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It's Time for a New Conservative Movement

“At the beginning of this year, I reviewed the wreckage of the election and wondered: what will I do now? Will we go back to politics as usual, Republican vs. Democrat? Will we crawl back to the same politicians we’re disillusioned with? Will we become protest voters? Or will we build a new home? Many of us are choosing something new. If you’re a political orphan, I hope you’ll join us.”

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